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Marco grew up watching his grandmother bake bread in her wood-burning oven in Chiapas, Mexico, and was always amazed that she knew the perfect temperature by touch, not by tool. When Marco started as a dishwasher at Neal Fraser’s restaurant Grace, his keen attention to detail and work ethic meant that he quickly moved on to cooking, utilizing the intuition and passion he learned from his grandmother.


After two years at Grace, Marco got the opportunity to work at a catering company, and fell in love with the variety and spontaneity of catering. The ever-changing menus of catering have allowed Marco to master all types of cuisines, from traditional French and Italian to molecular gastronomy. With a focus on California fresh and the multi-cultural influences of Los Angeles, Marco excels at menu customization and accommodating the specific needs of each client.


Marco is based in Los Angeles, where he has been Executive Chef at Love Catering for eleven years. He also does private events and pop-ups in collaboration with his partner, event coordinator Lauren Dobbins Webb. In addition to food, Marco is passionate about wine and frequently works with members of the wine community, including Bob Tillman of Alta Colina Vineyard in Paso Robles, Orion Stang of Dilecta Wine in Paso Robles, Edgar Torres of Bodega de Edgar in Paso Robles, Onx Wines in Paso Robles, and Nick Caballero of Mirabelle Wine Bar in Studio City.


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